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Planning the Perfect Hunter Valley Wine Tour
Uncork the Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience: Our Tips for Planning the Perfect Hunter Valley Wine Tour.
The Hunter Valley is renowned for its rolling hills, a seemingly endless landscape of vineyards, and for being a destination that families, couples and large groups of friends escape to for a weekend away. However, if there’s one thing that keeps visitors  coming back to...
2024 Vintage Blog | Pepper Tree Wines
2024 Vintage with Pepper Tree Wines
While every vintage presents its own challenges, the theme for 2024 really has been "hard and fast". Pepper Tree Head Winemaker, Nick Kruger shares his thoughts on the 2024 Vintage in this latest article. A Recap on the 2024 Vintage so far Our first fruit...
Jim Chatto returns to Pepper Tree
Jim Chatto returns to Pepper Tree as Consultant Winemaker
Pepper Tree is pleased to announce that ex-winemaker Jim Chatto is to return as consultant Winemaker for the brand. Chatto who was awarded GT Wine’s Winemaker of the Year in 2019 worked at Pepper Tree from 2007-2014 and amassed an amazing reputation as well as...

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