The cool climate of Orange provides the fruit for some of our outstanding single vineyard whites at Pepper Tree.


Due to its high altitude, diversity of elevation, climate and topography it offers vineyard sites the suitability to grow whites like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay. About 270km west of Sydney, the vineyard soils are dominated by the extinct volcano Mt Canobolas with the highest vines planted at 11oom above sea level.

The Pepper Tree Orange vineyard is located in the Boree Lane area 12 kms west of Orange on the midslopes of Mt Canobolas. The vineyard site sits in a small subvalley protected on 3 sides with a sunny northerly aspect. Elevations vary from 740m to 800m and the site is capable of ripening all the main red varieties as well as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


Wines typically have a lighter more elegant structure than those of warmer areas with light lifted fruit acids lengthening the palate. Chardonnay is the main white variety on the vineyard and as in other parts of the Orange region produces wine of very high quality.

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General Climate Cool - Cold High altitude
Degree Days Per Growing Season 1250-1400
Elevation 740 – 800m
Sunshine Hrs Per Year 1850
Area Under Vine 79.6 Acres (31.85 Ha)
Main Plantings White Chardonnay (8.8 Ha), Sauvignon Blanc (5 Ha )
Main Plantings Red Cabernet (5.1 Ha), Merlot (1.9 Ha), Shiraz (4.0 Ha )
Lesser Plantings White Verduzzo (0.6 Ha), Pinot Grigio (1.45 Ha), Riesling (1.4 Ha)
Lesser Plantings Red Aglianico (0.5 Ha), Pinot Noir (3.1 Ha)
Soil Types Red/brown volcanic clay loams and light-medium clays
Winegrowing Characteristics Exciting new vineyard area producing elegant complex wines from all cool climate varieties. The area is gaining reputation as one of Australia’s top Chardonnay areas and also produces exceptional white wines from Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. High quality red wines are being produced from all major varieties. The high altitude (over 750m) of the area gives rise to unique sensory characteristics
Planting Dates 1997

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