Guatemalan Coffee Beans

250g bag

Freshly hand roasted Guatemalan beans from our own Contango Espresso - Roasters.

Contango Espresso Roasters embodies the 'handcraft' philosophy of the Pepper Tree Winery.
Based in the Hunter Valley, we have selected Single Origin coffee beans from around the world where we believe to be the best growing conditions such as Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Brazil.
We roast in small batches to ensure we capture the best flavour profile to suit each style of bean we use and the unique characteristics of that coffee bean are expressed through the following recommended brewing methods:

  • Espresso
  • Plunger
  • Milk based

Guatemalan coffee is rated by most to be one of the world’s best coffees. ‘Strictly Hard Bean’ (SHB) means that the coffee is grown at high altitudes.
Guatemala has ideal growing conditions for coffee including high altitudes, volcanic soils and distinct wet and dry seasons. Often revered as being rich, full and robust in taste as well as having a smooth after taste when the coffee is finished.

The coffee we have on offer is SHB or ‘Strictly Hard Bean’ which is the highest quality coffee available from Guatemala. A medium weight style with zesty roast flavours. The silky palate leaves a beautiful nutty milk chocolate flavour lingering after each sip.

pdf format Guatemalan Tasting Note (412.48 KB)

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