Pepper Tree Pet Club Membership

Pet Club Membership

Pepper Tree appreciates that there is nothing more satisfying than coming home to that smiling face, wagging tail and unconditional love and loyalty that our pets have! Being a family owned business, we understand the importance of including the entire family into the Wine Club, hence why we would like to extend our membership out to include your canine friend. We understand that our 4 legged companions at times like to think that they rule the household, so why not make them feel important and join them up to their very own Pepper Tree Pet Club so they too can enjoy lifes little luxuries! Benefits include: Pepper Tree Wines dog lead RRP $19.95 Membership Certificate 1 bottle of wine for their owner RRP $18.00 Treat for your furry friend in your Wine Club committed cases. Feature on our Pepper Tree Pet Club Board in Cellar Door Plus a complimentary bowl of water and treats upon their visit to the winery!

  • Bottle Price:39.95

    Members 39.95

  • Case Price:39.95

    Members 39.95