Harvest Summary



The effects of a ‘non summer’ across NSW led to our latest start for the Hunter vintage in a very long time. Our first Semillon’s were picked at the beginning of February - almost two weeks later than usual. The cool conditions have provided crisp and vibrant white wines with lovely natural acidity. The harvest rain proved to be challenging for the reds. That said, the reds from the vintage are looking promising.


Before the beginning of harvest the Orange region received a substantial amount of rain. The second half of March through to mid-April produced sunny dry weather allowing most varieties to ripen with minimal problems. The cool summer and regular rainfall produced lower than average yields. Wines look very promising.


Near perfect growing conditions over the months leading into vintage made 2012 one of the finest vintages of the region on record. Canopy and fruit management over the spring growing season was necessary due to the optimal growing conditions.  Fruit quality across all varieties is exceptional especially Cabernet Sauvignon. Whites are looking strong but the reds are the standout this vintage.


An excellent vintage all round. Solid winter rains, lack of frost allowed the vines optimal growing conditions with bursts of warm weather. Drier than normal conditions throughout the summer months led to small berries and yields but wonderful fruit quality overall. Reds are rich in colour and concentrated fruit flavours further developing in barrel.


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