Harvest Summary



Started season with good rains. Budburst in late August. Very good growing season with warm mild weather. Whites ripened very early and harvest started on January 8th. Ripening proceeded smoothly with no rain and no excessive heat. All whites were picked in good condition with very good flavour and balance. Reds were even better. Shiraz from this year was the best for many years and has produced outstanding wines with great depth and balance. Excellent vintage.


Season started well with adequate rain and mild weather up until Christmas. Some hot spells early in the New Year along with a few minor rain events kept vineyard staff busy. Veraison commenced in early February and preceded a long ripening period. White varieties ripened evenly with excellent acid levels. Chardonnay was the standout. Reds were more variable. Pinot and Merlot were excellent but Shiraz and Cabernet were slow to ripen with final picking in late April. Quality is variable.


The growing season got off to a good start with good spring rain but cold wet weather in November and early December delayed flowering and led to poor fruit set in some varieties like Chardonnay and Merlot. Yields were down substantially. Late fruit set was followed by late veraison in mid-late February which allowed the vines to avoid any adverse effects from the three heatwaves of late January – mid February. In the end the grapes ripened in much more benign conditions. Whites were picked in average condition but reds ripened beautifully. Cabernet and Merlot were very good and the best parcels of Shiraz were outstanding.


Similar early season weather conditions to Wrattonbully led to a late ripening season of low yielding crops. The poor fruit set led to small bunches with reduced berry numbers and size. Cabernet was picked in very good condition with high natural acidity. Initial indications suggest wines of good flavour intensity and structure.


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