Harvest Summary



2016 will be remembered for relentless rain from mid-December till mid-January coupled with sporadic hail storms. Our vineyards at Mount View miraculously dodged all the hail and managed to survive the wet conditions with no berry splitting or bunch rot. In this regard they rewrote the textbooks. White wines have been made with good flavour and balance. Semillon in particular is of above average quality. Red wines will be light to medium in body and colour with nice perfumed bouquets and elegant structure. A far better result than we expected in early January.


Early rains produced a good budburst and flowering but the weather was unseasonably hot from December onwards and led to one of the earliest vintages on record. Ripening was so quick that the whole vineyard was picked in 10 days from 23 February to 4th March. This led to high sugar levels in some varieties but our most important variety, Chardonnay ripened well with excellent flavour and balance. Sauvignon Blanc was picked at the riper end of the flavour spectrum with gooseberry and passionfruit flavours. Both Shiraz and Cabernet produced excellent flavours and colours and will give solid Limited Release wines.


A warm dry season led to very early ripening and the whole harvest was in 3 weeks before that of 2014. Yields were the highest since 2004 but the warm weather ensured full ripeness of all varieties. All red varieties produced full bodied deep coloured wines with generally good balance. Exceptional parcels of Cabernet and Shiraz were produced on small rocky shallow soil blocks (21A and 20A) which were kept aside for our top Single Vineyard wines. Our 8R Merlot block also produced an excellent crop of low yielding fruit which has given the wine power and structure. Tempranillo yields were the best for years and produced very promising wine.


Another early season like Orange and Wrattonbully. Our Calcare Coonawarra vineyard produced elegant well balanced Cabernet with intense flavour and colour. Merlot also ripened well and produced lively fruit driven wine. Crop levels were relatively low and the wines are expected to be long lived.


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